May 2011

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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Welcome to the Zumba for Christ blog!!

Hello Ladies!!! We're glad that you have come to check out the blog. Our hopes are that you can look (at your convenience) here to find all the information you need to know about TSC Zumba (also known as Zumba for Christ). We will be posting announcements, prayer requests, playlists, verses of scripture, testimonies and any other information that we think you need to know. Any major updates will happen over the weekend. We hope that you will still use this site throughout the week.

At the top of this page, you will see a song playlist for January classes. If you want to listen to the songs or try to do the routines at home just hit the play arrow at the top of the playlist box. There are 10 songs on the playlist...not all the songs we use are included. To get to the next song you can either let the player continuously play or use the right hand button (next to the big play button) to skip to the next song. We hope that this will help you continue to exercise throughout the week.

To the right hand side you will see different categories for prayer requests, class schedule and contact information.

Hope to see you all Monday night and ready to have some fun. If you want to come early at 6 o'clock to go over some steps come on, if not we will see you at 6:30. Hope you all are having a blessed week and God bless you all.


  1. I love it! May God Bless this class and ministry! Melanie S.

  2. I started Weight Watchers back in July 2010, and shortly after I started Zumba, I have lost 21 lbs., I feel a lot better, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, I want to say thank you to Kacey and Candace for teaching the class, and thank my Higher Power...God, for spirit is no longer void. Frances

  3. Love the idea of having verse of the Month:)

    Please check out my video

  4. I am looking to start something like this at my church but I don't understand how you can play secular music if it's for God. Shouldnt you be playing Christian music? idk that is my opinion I guess.

    1. Hi AnEye4Beauty, To true that it can still be Christian and 'Cool'. There are many ways to keep the music and moves clean in a Zumba class and not loose the FLAVA.

    2. We do Zumba at our church too, since its Zumba it has to have so many "official" songs so we pick out cleaner songs (in spanish, hindi, etc, as well as english) then our instructors choreograph. here are a few of my favorites!
      Lecrae God is enough
      lots of Beckah Shae
      if you have any good ones to share i'm open to new songs! we start in Sept :) God bless your Zumba group, that it would be a great outreach to people who don't normally want to go to 'churchy stuff'