May 2011

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Everyone needs some encouragement!

I'm always looking for ways to improve in the way that others see Jesus in me. I love to encourage others, but I know I don't do it enough! So, I decided to do some research on ways to encourage others and learning how to do it more and this is what I found.
Encouraging words can make a difference to someone and to you!
Here are a few ways that you can be more of an encourager. I know I want to be!
1: Use encouraging words.
* List the key people in your life.
*Beside each name, write how encouraging you are with that person.
*Pray for God to help be more uplifting to others through your speech.

2: Use your words to encourage others daily.
Make it a habit to encourage those around you.
* Make a brief note on a calendar each day you encourage someone.
* Keep an encouragement journal or diary.

I hope I can learn to put these practices more into my daily life. I want to lift others up and I want them to see the love of Christ when they see me.
I challenge you to do the same. When you come in for class get to know some of the other women that stand around you. Encourage each other. Sometimes that encouragment might be the only positive thing that has happened for that person all day!
Let's continue to do this!! Let's build each other up and not tear them down! Does the love of Christ show in your words to each other? I hope it does!
2 Samuel 2:6
May the LORD now show you kindness and faithfulness, and I too will show you the same favor because you have done this.

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